"The Networkers Place"
The Atlanta networking site is currently under construction - we appreciate your patience.

If your business depends on sales and obtaining leads that produce them - you'll want to browse "The Networkers Place" often. The Networkers Place is dedicated to helping people find networking opportunities.  Before you go out to challenge the world each day - print the section of the city you will be working in and refer to it for opportunities during the day or evening to network. Thanks to the help of many people & organizations providing information about their meetings and events, we will be constantly updating the information in our directories - so check back for the updates.
We have divided the meetings into different state metro areas.  The greater Atlanta (initial stage) directories are available at this time.


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Don't forget to check the chamber and professional organization meeting/event calendars for networking opportunities.
Chamber events are great opportunities to network with organizations and their decision makers.   We have links from some of the chambers to their home sites and calendars.
Professional organizations offer the opportunity to work with specific industry trade groups.  Decision makers from these organizations are usually in attendance at their meetings.
Participants are able to meet decision makers, increase sales productivity, and reduce the number of cold calls.   We will continue to add additional links from the chambers, and professional organizations to their web sites as we find them.

If you would like your event, organization or meeting changed, corrected, listed/delisted at this web site - please E-mail it to us for consideration (submit meeting/event).  If you desire a hyperlink to a web site - please include the web address.   We also welcome any comments you may have (Comments).  Please notify us by the 20th of the month preceding the month of the event.

Meeting locations and times may change without notice.  We welcome input that adds, corrects, or clarifies meeting announcements.  We highly recommend verifying meeting particulars before attending.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information listed here.